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The Mantini Story

Mary Mantini   Mantini was born from a love of all things antique and a passion for the reflective beauty of glass   and colour. Being a leadlighter by trade it was easy to redirect my love and passion to the addictive   art of Jewellery designing.

  We are a growing company passionate about creating new and innovative Jewellery designs.

  Our vision is to bring our clients “Unique” wearable pieces that reflect the romance of yesteryear.

  Our Love.... Vintage…. Unique…. Keepsake…. Romantic…Meaningful…

  Our desire is that our unique nostalgic pieces evoke special meaning for the wearer whether they   are purchasing for themselves or purchasing a special gift for a loved one. Each of our pieces are   lovingly designed giving careful attention to every last detail. Some of our pieces we handcraft here   in Australia while others are handcrafted by our skilled manufacturers to our design specifications.

  We at Mantini strive to produce quality pieces that will endure for many years not only from a   design standpoint but also in craftsmanship.

  We are sure that you will be delighted with your own special piece of MANTINI circa.1956   Jewellery for many years to come.

  We Dream….We Imagine….the Unique & Enduring…… For You...