Mantini Jewellery

About Mantini Jewellery

At Mantini Jewellery, we are passionate about creating and sourcing new and innovative Jewellery designs. Our vision is to bring our clients “Unique” wearable pieces.

Our Love…. Vintage…. Unique…. Keepsake…. Romantic…Meaningful…

Our desire is that our unique nostalgic pieces such as our Secret Scroll & Envelope pieces evoke special meaning for the wearer whether they are purchasing for themselves or purchasing a special gift for a loved one. These are lovingly designed giving careful attention to every last detail. Some of our pieces sourced and some we handcraft here in Australia while others are handcrafted by our skilled manufacturers to our design specifications.

We at Mantini strive to bring you quality pieces at affordable prices.

We Dream….We Imagine….the Unique & Enduring…… For You…