Secret Scroll Time Capsule Pendant


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Solid .925 Sterling Silver. A unique Keepsake for you or someone you love!


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These beautiful Capsules come with beautifully written scripts or write your own enduring message.

    My Love…You are my Beginning my End…All that I am & All that I can be. Without you I didn’t exist. You are my anchor my compass. You are my Breath…My Life. Thank you my Love for being my Wife.
    A precious Gift. Each a Life Drawing to colour & shade. Colour with Love, Loyalty & Forgiveness. Shade with Comfort Security & Trust. Cherish them Forever… Name… Name… Name… Name… Name…
    Date: …/…/… An open door to a Large field awaits You. What you plant is what you will yeild. Plant Reliability… Diligence & a Conscientious attitude… Surrounded with a fence of Honesty, Respect … Kindness & Impartiality…etc.
  • HOPE
    When feelings of fear & hopelessness rush in Listen.. as Hope whispers….. “Don’t give up” When waves of uncertainty wash over you Hope whispers….”Don’t give up” Some days will be too dark to bear…Rest..Let them pass by…etc.
  • LOVE
    Love is a precious possession it puts up with many wrongs. It makes you feel secure when life makes you unsteady. It doesn’t criticize or cheat it is always loyal. Love wraps you in comfort in times of distress. Love is a Beautiful place…etc.
    Our/my Precious Daughter. I/we give you these 5 Golden threads of Love to sew into your marriage. 1.Be a good forgiver 2.Be Kind to each other every day 3.Don’t aim to win aim for peace 4.Respect each others opinions 5.Mend quicky, Keep…etc.
    You are my End…All that I am & All that I can be…Without you I do not exist. You are my Breath…my Life…Please My Love will you be My Wife
  • MUM
    You are the beating heart The centre of our family. The thread that ties us together like a strand of precious pearls. You are the giver the teacher the example of unconditional Love. To be a Mum is a privilege have one like you even more so…
    Today I pledge to always love and take care of you. I will be your security your safe place to fall. You are the centre of my End…All that I am & All that I can be. Without you I do not exist You are my Breath…etc

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None, Anniversary, Children, Graduation, Hope, Love, Marriage, Marry Me, Mum, My Bride, Write Your Own


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